Aug 18

JTC - Great Opportunity To Reach Global Market

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Aug 18

Very Important Gem (V.I.G) There are some very good reasons why Prices are rising for this exotic green gem

 Anyone who has been to any International gem shows recently will know that the price of Emeralds is rising, right across the globe. Colombian Emeralds in particular are becoming very popular due to the recently improved conditions in Colombian mines.

 Colombian Emeralds have had a rich, adventurous history and their legacy is still as relevant today as it ever was in the past. Last year alone, two million carats were exported from the nation. Most of these Emeralds ended up in the United States but a lot also came to Asia as well.

 Treasured for their rarity and value, Colombian Emeralds have become famous worldwide. With conditions improving in Colombian mines due to the Colombian government certifying and regulating all types of mining, the market is really taking off due to the implementation of more ethical standards. The country is producing a stable supply through legal means and regular pricing has ensued.

 With the establishment of the Colombian Emerald Technological Development Center (CDTEC), which has all the latest in cutting edge gemstone technology, authentication of emeralds in Colombia has also become a lot more reliable. The lab is supported by the Colombian government and the national emerald federation, FEDESMERALDAS. The CDTEC provides certification with all Colombian Emeralds that come into the lab's possession so quality is always assured.

 Colombian Emeralds are very limited, which is another factor that makes them very valuable. Here at JTCB2B, we are extremely fortunate to have a high quality Colombian Gemstone in our possession and we would like to give you the opportunity to make it your very own today.


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Aug 18

Very Important Gem (V.I.G) - Come and see why this Faceted Burmese Spinel is so valuable

 To celebrate the rare occasion of the Hope Spinel being up for Auction, another stunning faceted Spinel is also being promoted on our JTCB2B website, with an amazing $150 discount. Spinels from Burma are known for being some of the most highly sought after in the world and this one is no exception. With Spinel becoming so popular due to the Hope Spinel Auction and the increasing interest in colored stones throughout the world, prices are set to rise, making this particular Spinel a very wise investment. Below are some more reasons why you should get in first and purchase this valuable gem.  


 Why is it valuable?

-In the past 10 years, demand for colored stones has risen dramatically and Spinels are proving to be very popular.

-The selling of the Hope Spinel will put a lot of focus on Spinels in general, and should give them a higher ranking in the gemstone trade.

-Spinels of this caliber are very close to ruby, as spinels can be found in the same type of rock formations. They also tend to have fewer inclusions than rubies, the resulting clarity being a major benefit for buyers.

-Spinels are known for being brighter than rubies in many cases and this one definitely has a vibrant glow.  




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Aug 18

Very Important Gem (V.I.G)- The Hope Spinel is up for Auction after nearly 100 years.

 A rare occasion is almost upon us. The famous 50.13 carat ‘Hope Spinel’ will be up for auction at Bonham’s London Fine Jewelry Sale on September 24, 2015. It is very rare to see a gem of this quality and origin on the open market and many buyers around the world will be eager to get in on the bidding. It is expected that the Hope Spinel will sell for a price anywhere between US$ 240,000 and $310,000, but it could go for even higher.

 The Hope Spinel is known as one of the world’s greatest gems. It has not been available for sale in 98 years and probably won’t be up for sale again for a very long time, so this really is a narrow window of opportunity for gemstone enthusiasts.

 The reason the Hope Spinel is considered an exceptional treasure is because of its incredible transparency and perfect cut. It is set within brilliant and rose-cut diamond claws and is framed by larger brilliant cut diamonds that add up to 6.50 carats. The piece is mounted in a silver and gold pendant and a handwritten note stating that it is a spinel-ruby from the Hope collection is also included in the case.

 The last time the Spinel was sold was in 1917, when it fetched around US $1,600, which is the equivalent of around US$120,000 today.


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Aug 18

The best places to find what you’re looking for in Bangkok

Among other things, Bangkok is known throughout the world as being the Gemstone hub of Thailand. There are many places to find top quality gems in the capital but there are certain areas that are definitely better than others. Finding exactly what you’re looking for can be a bit of a struggle in such a busy, vibrant environment and this is why we’d like to give you a few tips on where you can go, in order to make your search easier and more enjoyable.

  • Silom Road

 This area is commonly known as the Gemstone District of Bangkok. The Jewelry Trade Centre can be found in its very heart, on the corner of Surasak and Silom Rd, and is a great place to buy top quality gems at affordable prices. It is a major trading hub for gemstone jewelry dealers and is an excellent place to find gems that have been accredited by top ranking gemology labs, such as AIGS, GIA and many other reputable institutions.  

  • China Town

 Yaowarat road in China Town is home to many reputable gemstone stores and is a good place to go if you’re looking for gold.  The dealers in this area really know their trade inside out though so don’t try and bargain too hard, chances are you’ll already be getting the best deals around.


  • Khao San Road

 Known mostly for being the main destination for backpackers and revelers, Khao San road is also home to many top quality jewelry stores as well. If you’re looking for Sterling silver, you should definitely go to this area.

  • Charoen Krung

 In English, Charoen Krung translates as 'Glorious City'. For those seeking silver accessories it truly is a glorious place to go, with a vast variety of uniquely designed jewelry pieces on offer. If you’re a wholesaler, retailer or someone who is just looking to buy a fine piece of silver jewelry, Charoen Krung road is where you should be heading. It’s conveniently located near the Saphan Taksin BTS station and runs alongside the Chao Phrya River.

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Aug 18

Very Important Gems (VIG)

 Here at the JTC, we feel that you should always stay informed when making your purchases. This is why we now have an ongoing list of gems that are particularly relevant to the gemstone industry, here on our JTCB2B website. Our Very Important Gems (VIG) list, will keep you up to date with the most highly sought after gems from all around the world. Whenever an exceptionally valuable gem becomes available on our  website or any other affiliated sites, we will immediately present it to you so that you can have a chance to make a wise and profitable investment.  

 There are many things to consider when purchasing a gemstone so whenever we display a Very Important Gem, we will always outline the reasons for our decision. The three main things to look out for in a gem are clarity, cut and color. Origin is also very relevant, so we will also tell you where the gems come from and why these locations are important.

 All of the gems featured on our Very Important Gems lists are of the highest quality, and are definitely of value to serious collectors. This is our guarantee to you.

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Aug 18

Very Important Gems- Nanyar Red Spinels

 The Nanyar region in the North of Myanmar has become very well known for producing high quality gemstones. The rubies that can be found in this area rank as some of the best in the world but another, often overlooked, gem of value to be found in this region is the red spinel.   

 Nanyar red spinels show strong fluorescence and usually exhibit a vivid red color with hints of fiery orange. In recent years, the price of Nanyar spinels has been increasing all over the world. With growing popularity, now seems to be the perfect time to invest in this highly sought after gem. 

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Aug 18

Very Important Gems- Discover why Padparadscha sapphires are becoming so popular

 Colored stones have become very popular over the past few years and of all the varieties available, Sapphires are definitely near the top of the list of highly sought after gems. Orange sapphires in particular have caught the attention of Gemstone traders and enthusiasts alike, especially those from Sri Lanka, and this is why we’ve included one such variety on our Very Important Gems list. 

 Orange Padparadscha sapphires from Sri Lanka definitely have a tendency to lean towards the color red, almost giving them the prestige of rubies. With bright warm hues that burst forth in the form of a brilliant reddish orange glow, Padparadscha sapphires always gain plenty of attention, no matter where they're taken. The Orange Padparadscha Sapphire truly is a precious stone worth investing in, not just because of its elegant beauty but also because of its increasing value.

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Aug 18

Welcome to JTCB2B- The first gemstone business to business website in the world

 With a warm welcome, the JTC would like to introduce you to our new JTCB2B website. Since 1996 the Jewelry Trade Center has been the hub for gemstone jewelry in Thailand. From the beginning we have strived to give our customers the highest quality materials and services and we are now very happy to bring you something new in the world of Gemology.

JTCB2B is the first online market place for Gemstone traders. Whereas other online gemstone stores sell only to customers, JTCB2B provides an e-commerce platform where businesses can connect directly with registered buyers and sellers in order to show their products and negotiate trading online.  

 Using the JTCB2B website is just like trading in a real marketplace but with one exception; it’s easy and comfortable. With this revolutionary new website, traders are now able to communicate more freely and efficiently. All of the traditional means of trading are available but with JTCB2b, everything is accessible at the click of a button.

 We want all our traders to stay informed and keep up to date with everything that is happening in the world of Gemstone trading. This is why we’ve also provided sections on the site where valuable information relating to gemology can be found, such as a Gem guide that provides physical property descriptions for types of gemstones, birthstone information, color charts, gemstone hardness tables, anniversary stones and many other useful categories. 

 There is also a Gems directory that leads traders to the very best gemological sites, as well as an expert’s opinion section where valuable information about gem related issues can be found. An online AIGS gemstone dictionary is also available so you’ll always be able to check and make sure your knowledge of gemstones is accurate.

 The new JTCB2B website will surely transform the way gemstone traders do business in the future so make sure you take advantage of our services today.

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