JTCB2B.com is a platform where all registered members have the option of buying, selling and trading online. We specialize in high quality gemstones and jewelry, as well as many other Gemological services.
B2B stands for business-to-business transactions. A B2B website makes it possible for businesses to sell and communicate online through the one site, as well as trade and negotiate with other businesses.
B2B provides the flexibility and the ability to move up and down your markets according to your own situation and according to market supply and demand.

We are aiming to be more than just a store, but a marketplace where you can trust.  This allows for a greater variety of goods, better resources and more flexibility with transactions. It creates a community where people can learn more and exchange ideas, not just buy and sell.


B2b stands for business to business transactions. A B2b website makes it possible for businesses to sell and communicate online through the one site, as well as trade and negotiate with other businesses.

Yes, Jtcb2b.com caters to all business and customer needs.

Because it is the efficient business model for online services. B2b provides the flexibility and the ability to move up and down your markets according to your own situation and according to market supply and demand.

Just as market places in the real world cater to the needs of many, so too does Jtcb2b.com. The only real difference is that with our website, you don’t need to waste time travelling around; we bring the market to you.

Jtcb2b.com provides the following services:

1.     Product listing services on our site;

2.     Photographic services for all items displayed;

3.     Product description writing services;

4.     Membership services.

Jtcb2b.com’s founders are industry professionals so we already had a strong and reliable reputation to begin with. On top of that we have always followed the three S principle: Simplicity, Speed and Service. We want our service to serve the needs of everyone and with the internet we know that this can be done quickly and efficiently. Providing value for money has always been something that we’ve stood for and this is another reason why we have come so far.

So as not to flood the market, Jtcb2b.com limits the number of like suppliers in each category of products. If you take the first move advantage, you can get ahead of the competition and secure a stronger place in the Jtcb2b.com community.

It’s very easy to join, simply click here and we will guide you through the simple steps.

Please fill in an email enquiry sheet which can be found within the Contact Us section of the website or alternatively call the number at the end of our website to speak to one of our customer care advisors. 

Representatives are available 9.00 am to 18.00 Monday to Friday GMT. 


Yes, you must be a Jtcb2b.com member before contacting suppliers, making transactions or doing other related activities on Jtcb2b.com.

Please ensure all the information in the email address (including punctuation) is in English.

If a notification was not received when trying to reset your password, check your spam or trash folders to make sure it wasn’t sent there by mistake. If the email is not in those folders, click here to contact us.

A valid phone number is required when registering on Jtcb2b.com. If you do not wish to use your personal number, you can always leave your office number or any other number through which you can be easily contacted.

Due to positioning demands, users can only have one account each on our site.

To register for an account, please click here. If you’d like to register as a buyer only, please select ‘Buyer’ when filling in the ‘I am a’ section. If you wish to buy and sell, please press ‘Trader’ in this field.

After you have entered all other information required on the form, click ‘Submit’.

Once you open an account on Jtcb2b.com, it is up to your service package so that there will be secondary user(s) who can share account with you.

Simply click the log out button beside your name at the top of every page.

To retrieve or change your password, please: 

1)     Click Forgot Password on the sign-in page.

2)     Enter your registered email address or member ID as well as the code shown, and click Submit.

3)     After this you should receive a message from us in your registered email address. Please follow the instructions given in the email to set a new password.


Jtcb2b.com keeps all of its members up to date with current market trends. We provide strong contacts and market advice and we also provide a platform for interconnectivity. In the Gems business, contacts are everything and through Jtcb2b.com you will always stay connected to serious players in the industry.

It’s always a good time to join Jtcb2b.com because the market is always profitable.

A Business to Business Trade Member is a person or entity that buys or sells in bulk on a regular basis.

Trade Members can do the following:

1)     Save time on travel and expenses.

2)     Provide an overview of a large selection of goods in one setting.

3)     Benefit from the collective strength of buyers and sellers convening together for the purpose of conducting trade.

4)     Have the ability to reach a diverse group of private consumers, collectors, museums, educators, traders, manufacturers and retailers, all in a single marketplace.

5)     Have the option of trading as well as buying or selling.

6)     Gain the most up to date information on market prices.

7)     Get in immediate contact with experienced and knowledgeable experts in order to get live responses and information.

8)     Can negotiate prices quickly and efficiently without time consuming phone communications and fax exchanges.

9)     Build an online business and reputation with minimal costs.

10)  Participate in joining with retail jewelry stores in promotional events and exhibitions.

11)  Become a resource provider to Jtcb2b.com.

12)  Become a reseller and earn good commissions working from the comfort of your home.

13)  Have In

You just register one of the Membership packages (Diamond package, Platinum package, Gold package) to become a Trade Member.

Diamond member, Platinum member, Gold member are 3 premium memberships for suppliers on Jtcb2b.com. Members are provided with comprehensive ways to promote their products, maximizing product exposure and increasing return-on-investment.

Diamond member, Platinum member, Gold member are paid membership on Jtcb2b.com. To find out more about the service fee of the Membership packages, please contact us by click here.

Yes, all a Trade Member has to do is provide Jtcb2b.com with their credit rating.


With more and more people buying and selling over the internet, online shopping has quickly become very popular.  Not only is it quick and easy for the consumer, it is also the best way to reach a global audience.  

1. Simply bring your items into our office and after we review them we will inform you of their online selling potential. Please call or email us (click here) for an appointment.

2. Download Instagem Application to your mobile phone and follows the guidance steps.

Anyone can become a vendor provided they have high quality gems and jewelry to sell. Our friendly staffs are always happy to assist you so please contact us for a consultation and we will guide you through the process.

No, all our costs are included in our packages. There are no hidden charges.

Yes, Jtcb2b.com charges a standard 10% commission on the sales amount, which covers shipping with insurance and bank collection fees.

After the 14 day inspection period has passed, Jtcb2b.com usually takes another 3 to 4 days to deal with wire transfers and the local banking system. Once this process has been completed, you will receive a cheque from Jtcb2b.com. The wait should be no longer than 20 days from the date of sale.

For high quality photos at reasonable prices we recommend the following addresses:


Address: 919/539 Jewelry Trade Center 48th Floor Silom Road Bangrak Bangkok 10500 Thailand

Tel/Email: (Click here)


Adisorn Studios

Address: 919/555 Jewelry Trade Center, South Tower, 14th Fl., Room #10, Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Tel: (662) 6300056-7

Fax: (662) 6300057

Mobile Phone: 01-8437496

Email : laithai@asiaaccess.net.th

Using the backend administration system is very easy. Just follow the simple steps provided on the site click here and you will be able to manage your items with ease.

Yes, we offer these services. For more information please contact us click here.

A message will be sent to your Jtcb2b.com account and you will also be alerted via email.


Yes, Jtcb2b.com can help you with your online store needs, if you don’t have time.  

Jtcb2b.com charge a cost calculated on sales value, which covers the costs of storage, insurance, correspondence with customers, shipping and collection of payments.

In the unlikely event that your items become damaged whilst in our care, simply provide us with proof of the alteration and we will gladly repay you their monetary value.


JTCB2B.com is a business-to-business online marketplace. However, you can go to Gemwow.com for business-to-consumer transactions where you do not have to buy in bulk.