Calibrated Gemstones

A must for jewelry manufacturers, calibrated stones enables you to produce pieces that are uniform in color and quality. Size and hue tolerances are keys attributes and will determine whether your jewelry is saleble or not. A calibrated stone dealer needs to be consistent and reliable. He needs to understand market requirements and stock enough rough/cut materials in order to meet demand in time.

Often big US buyers place huge orders sometime in the realm of 20,000 to 30,000 matching pieces of similar qualities and sizes. Such orders although lucrative are difficult to fulfil as the delivery schedules are often tight. No one supplier is able to specialize in every type of gemstone, so you will usually get different companies with their expertise and services limited to a special niches. For example, one may specialize in "princess cut" rubies and sapphires and another in "diamond cuts" only. While another may only deal in "semi precious" stones such as amethys, garnets, citrine, blue topaz..etc.

Thailand has gained a very good reputation as the world's largest suppliers of "colored gems". This was only possible due the coperation of many groups of people, the right government policy, the right labor force, the right training and education programs, the preparedness of business groups to take risks and investments in technology and designs....All in all, this has led to Thailand developing into a "rich" and "diverse" market for manufcturing and supply of gems , jewelry and diamonds and related services to the world.